Maryland is bisected by the Chesapeake Bay and bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, making it a well-known attraction for boaters, fisherman and beach-lovers. One the culinary front, Maryland is known for its blue crab, which you can find plenty of in its biggest city, Baltimore. One attribute the state would not like to be known for, though, is its high rate of childhood obesity: nearly 1 in 3 children in Maryland is overweight or obese, putting them at risk for serious health problems.

Thanks to support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Kaiser Permanente National Community Benefit Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is working with communities throughout the state to make it easier for kids to lead healthier lives.

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Our Work in Maryland

Healthy Schools Program locations Healthy Out-of-School Time locations

In Maryland, we’re making it easier for kids to develop healthy habits.

More than 750 schools serving over 457,000 students across the state have joined the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program, creating healthier school environments for children to thrive. Since 2007, 69 Maryland schools have been recognized with National Healthy Schools Awards for their outstanding efforts.

We’ve made it easier for nearly 11,000 youth in 175 out-of-school time programs to eat right and move more.

Healthier Generation also enlists the help of regional and local partners to create healthier out-of-school time environments. These partners, such as the Maryland Out-of-School Time Network, gain access to Healthier Generation’s customized professional development training, tools, resources and data that empower them to guide sites to improve physical activity and nutrition policies and practices.

Success Stories

Hear from two school champions from just one of the many districts we work with in Maryland: Prince George’s County School District, enrolled with the Healthy Schools Program since 2008.

Tromane Harris

“Healthier Generation complements my work by providing a comprehensive framework that uses six steps to impact and redefine school health. Their free tools help to create healthier communities by engaging all stakeholders, promoting advocacy and changing the health landscapes within schools.”

Deborah Archer, Nutrition Educator, Prince George’s County Public Schools, MD

Tromane Harris

“I had a student attend all of the sessions of a before-school workout club and by the end of the year, he finally had enough confidence to join his first sports team!”

Stephanie Kohout, Physical Education Teacher, Prince George's County Public Schools, MD

Our Healthy Schools Program Manager and Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative Manager support our work in Maryland schools and out-of-school time sites. Hear from them about the impact we’re making in Maryland.

Tromane Harris

“Healthier Generation worked closely with the Baltimore City Public Schools and the Department of the Health on the development of the district-wide wellness, nutrition, and physical activity policy passed in June 2015.”

Nadja Agnew, Healthy Schools Program Manager, DC/VA/MD

Tromane Harris

“Healthier Generation provides support, resources, and professional staff development needed to allow out-of-school time sites to see significant, substantial change within their organizations.”

Annessa Bontrager, Healthy Out-of-School Time Manager, Washington, D.C. Metro Area

Support Our Work in Maryland

For more than a decade, Healthier Generation has been a catalyst for improving children’s health. Our evidence-based programs, industry agreements and national experts enable us to directly impact more than 20 million children, with a focus on low-income and minority populations who are at increased risk for obesity and other diseases. Read our story and speak with a member our team to learn more about supporting us in building a healthier generation.


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