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Pulling Out the Stops for Employee Health

Prince George’s County School District, with approximately 16,000 full-time employees, understands the importance of keeping their staff healthy. Their wellness department is pulling out all the stops to make sure they are doing everything they can to help employees adopt healthy behaviors.

To get everyone moving more schools across the district are offering aerobics and Zumba classes, “Biggest Loser” contests, walking clubs, employee boot camps, yoga classes, belly dancing classes, weight-training classes and a staff kickball league. When possible, they try to use district employees to teach the fitness classes. The district also recently sponsored a month-long walking challenge where they gave out pedometers and logged miles. They are also working on creating an employee gym that will charge a low monthly fee for unlimited access and working to negotiate gym discounts across the county.

The wellness staff has been heading out to schools across the district to present information about the many options and to host wellness seminars. In addition to sharing information via a district newsletter, they are also working on a larger media campaign. In addition to the many programs designed to promote the physical health of employees, they also recognize the crucial link between mental health and well-being. To assist employees with all of their needs they provide an employee assistance program for full-time staff that provides mental health coaching, counseling on personal or work-related concerns and legal and financial consulting.