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Denmark Elementary School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

When it comes to health and wellness, students at Denmark Elementary School are literally walking the walk; before and after school, the gym is full of students walking laps and socializing with their peers. To help students stay energized and focused throughout the day, the school also altered the daily schedule to incorporate walking breaks for every class. The school also helps staff boost their daily minutes of physical activity by offering afterschool fitness classes, wellness competitions, and discounts and local gyms. At Denmark Elementary, healthy eating is also a top priority; students enjoy nutritious meals, fruits and vegetables for lunch in the cafeteria. The food service staff invite students and their parents to taste test the meals and provide feedback to ensure that the school meals are both nutritious and tasty. Collectively, these changes are helping to create a healthier school community. “Students and staff are both consciously making healthier eating choices, and they are all happy about making these choices,” said Lane Willingham, physical education teacher. He added, “The Healthy Schools Program gave us the foundation for achieving our wellness goals.”