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Lizzie Nell C. McClure Elementary School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

The staff and students at Lizzie Nell C. McClure Elementary School understand that active kids have active minds. That’s why throughout the day, teachers incorporate movement breaks into their lesson plans to keep their students energized and focused. Students also boost their physical activity by joining afterschool running clubs and participating in community 5K races. To help staff get moving, the school offers a walking program and encourages teachers to jog alongside their students after class. Healthy eating has also become a norm at the school, where students have the opportunity to sample nutritious foods on Taste It Tuesdays. The food service staff added more fruit options to the lunch line and aligned all foods sold outside of the school meals program with the USDA Smart Snacks in School standards. “The healthy changes have created a ripple effect throughout the community, with students and families making healthier food and fitness choices. We see the impact in the summer and during time away from school, as students continue to lead with their healthy choices” said Christy Johnson, school nurse. She continued, “The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program was very supportive of our goals. It’s an amazing Program that works hard to promote a healthier lifestyle, beginning with students."