A Healthier Arkansas

"Afterschool and out-of-school programs - they have an absolute responsibility to address the issue of childhood obesity and health in general."

— Laveta Wills-Hale, Out-of-school Network Coordinator, Arkansas

The environments in which we grow up can be major determiners of our quality of health. Out-of-school time programs are trying to fill in the gaps. Children International is one program that is making its community in Arkansas an epicenter for health.

5 Steps to Healthier Out-of-School Time

By addressing health and wellness in their out-of-school time program, Children International is creating an environment where kids can eat right and move more; they are empowering students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to make healthier choices. Here's how:


Make Health a Priority
Invest time, resources and energy into empowering students to develop lifelong, healthy habits.


Create a Wellness Team
Think about the staff, parents, students and community members who can be involved in your wellness team.


Create an Action Plan
Children International works each year to set smart, realistic wellness goals that will help increase access to healthy foods and physical activity. They are using our Healthy Out-of-School Time framework to assess their current practices and create a game plan to reach new goals. Create your own Action Plan to help stay on track with the wellness goals you establish.


Build Support
Gain support from community partners, potential funders and increase investment from families and parents.


Engage the Family
Seek ways to keep families and parents informed of the healthy habits young people are learning at your site.

Filling in the Gaps Between Health

"Everyone knows what a blueberry is, but not everyone has actually seen a real blueberry."

— Julie Hall, Director, UALR Children International

Teaching young people how to eat healthier is easier when healthier options are readily available, just like getting kids to move more is easier when there are safe and open places to be active. That is not always the case in every environment. Children International knows this well and has been using their innovative resourcefulness to increase access to nutrition and physical activity for the kids in their communities.



Determine whether your snack, side or entrée item meets the new USDA Smart Snacks in School Guidelines.



Get an overview of HEPA standards.

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Find the latest news and strategies from our advisors to increase nutrition in your out-of-school environment.

"The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has been a great partner in giving us a framework for how to take an overwhelming issue like childhood obesity and break it down into manageable action steps."

— Julie Hall, Director, UALR Children International


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