Healthy Parks, Healthy Recreation, Healthy Kids

Our work in out-of-school time is centered on providing the best resources and support to help programs around the county create the healthiest environments for their kids to play, learn and grow. Our partnership with the National Recreation and Parks Association has expanded this work and allowed us to build healthier environments for 90,000 kids.

"It’s part of our main mission here at Parks and infuse health and wellness into everything we do."

— Stephen Makle, Youth Service Coordinator, Parks and Recreation

Our People Are Our Best Resources

When kids learn about the benefits of being healthy, they are more excited and willing to make healthier choices. Program staff play a pivotal role in not only creating healthier environments, but also setting the tone for health in these environments as role models for youth.

Healthy Role Models

Teaching staff how to model healthy eating behaviors helps reinforce what youth are learning about nutrition.

Active Role Models

Staff who not only teach physical activity but are physically active themselves, instruct as well as encourage kids to move.

"[Our kids] thrive on being able to go into the gym and play"

— Sherri Kittrell, Facility Director, Seat Pleasant Activity Center

It's not Work, It's Play

The key to providing regular movement for your young people is finding the right activities that complement the space and resources at your site. These activities should also provide youth options and variety to keep them engaged and excited to participate.

Indoor Activities

Indoor activities utilize innovative materials, technology and your imagination to turn indoor spaces into active landscapes.

Outdoor Activities

Activities like run-a-thons, hiking and field sports are great ways to utilize open spaces to keep your kids moving.

"Working to support and train National Recreation & Park Association agencies to further incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into their programming has been both a privilege and an education. I feel honored to have the opportunity to support the Program Directors and Camp Counselors who mentored me so many years ago, and am constantly impressed with the industry’s universal dedication to public service and youth development."

— Ava Young, National Network Manager, Alliance for a Healthier Generation


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