McDonald's Shows Progress

"We’re making progress in areas that matter most to our customers, business and society."

— Steve Easterbrook, President and Chief Executive Officer, McDonald's

83% of restaurants offered side salads as a substitute for fries in Value Meals (February 2015).

14 Happy Meal boxes/bags dedicated a panel to a nutrition or children's well-being message.

99% of McDonald's TV ads on programs directed to children included a nutrition or children's well-being message.

A Model for Collaboration: Learn how collaboration between the for-profit and non-profit world can drive meaningful change for health.


Engaging with companies in diverse industries can systemically improve access to healthier options. In 2013, McDonald's decided to do just that with a commitment with the Alliance on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. In that commitment, McDonald's pledged to increase customers’ access to fruit and vegetables and help families and children make informed choices in keeping with balanced lifestyles.


Check out the progress McDonald’s USA has made.

Increasing Fruit, Vegetable & Low-fat Dairy Options


McDonald's utilized their marketing, packaging and side offerings to generate excitement for fruits, vegetable and low-fat yogurts options.


More Happy Meals Served with Milk and 100% Juice, Less with Soda

  Since sodas were removed from the Happy Meal section of menu boards, McDonald’s has seen a nine percentage point increase in customers selecting low-fat/fat-free Milk and 100% Juice. During the same period, the percentage of customers selecting soda decreased from 56% to 48%.  

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Infographic: Progress Report

Get a visual snapshot of the progress McDonald's USA has made during the first year of their commitment.

Complete Progress Report

Review the full analysis from our third-party evaluator, reporting on the commitment's progress in the United States and Italy.

Executive Summary

Official Press Release

McDonald's and Alliance Announce Progress on Commitment to Promote Balance Food and Beverage Choices

"The progress McDonald’s is making is a critical step in the right direction. Any business practice that enhances the opportunity for families to make healthier choices is beneficial.”

— Howell Wechsler, CEO, Alliance for a Healthier Generation