School Breakfast

“Super heroes and principals will testify anecdotally, and we have the data, about improved test scores, reduced tardies, reduced behavioral problems, improved alertness, and readiness to learn. And all that's preparing them for the day and getting them ready to learn with something as simple as a breakfast."

- Richard Goff, Executive Director, Office of Child Nutrition, West Virginia Department of Education  

Make the Grade with School Breakfast

Students deserve every opportunity to reach their greatest potential. Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast helps students achieve success in the classroom and beyond. Our school champions from across the country have come up with creative strategies to give students that healthy start to their day that we know is so important.

Serve Breakfast in the Classroom

In 2013, Robert Lewis, food service director for El Monte School District in California, started a district-wide "Breakfast in the Classroom" program for elementary schools. Before the program, he had a 30 percent participation rate; now more than 90 percent of his students are getting a healthy breakfast at school.

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Learn why breakfast is important to a healthier day and what makes for a healthy breakfast.

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Feed Every Mind with Universal Breakfast

Executive Director Richard Goff of the West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Child Nutrition and his office applied through the community eligibility provision (CEP) to allow districts to offer universal breakfast with less paperwork. They implemented multiple strategies, customizable to each district, which reduced stigma and offered widespread access to healthy meals in the morning.

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An alternative approach for offering school meals in low-income areas.

Our experts provide direction for school health practices including breakfast.

Increase Participation through Grab-and-Go

In 2014, Director of Nutrition Services Connie Vogts of Liberal School District in Kansas was awarded a grant to start “Second Chance Breakfast” between the first and second hours of school. Not only did overall participation increase, but the number of paid meals increased 10-fold, indicating that Liberal High School is reaching a new group of students that hadn’t previously eaten breakfast at school.

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Apply for funding for infrastructure, marketing, an communications for school breakfast from AASA.

Learn the various options available for school breakfast and how to implement.

Feed Students, Educate Families

Namaste Charter School in Chicago hosts morning workshops called Friday Family Breakfast where parents and kids eat a healthy breakfast together, such as a breakfast burrito with a whole-wheat tortilla, and have a short nutrition lesson. Attendees take the recipe home and are encouraged to try cooking it with their families.

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Use our two-to four-week cycle breakfast menus to build out a meal plan.

See which snacks and beverages meet Smart Snack Guidelines.

Spread the Word

Everyone from teachers to administrators ‒ and even kids ‒ agree that students feel and perform better at school after eating a healthy breakfast. Download our quote cards from school leaders across the country and share them on your social media sites to spread the word that when students start the day with breakfast, they perform better at school!

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In honor of National School Breakfast Week, here are 3 ways to serve a healthy morning meal: #NSBW17

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