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On July 1, 2014, USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards went into effect for all schools in America. That means that all foods sold throughout the school building in school stores, fundraisers, a la carte lines and in vending machines are now held to a higher, more nutritious standard. Swap your snack!

5 Tips for Snacking Smarter

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Healthy fundraising options make it possible to raise revenue while not undermining the healthy habits students are developing that will remain with them through their lives.


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Find fundraising ideas and learn how to raise revenue and gain support while reinforcing healthy habits.

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Healthier vending machine options reinforce the same nutritious foods and beverages that students see in the cafeteria and give them the nutrients and energy they need for a full day of learning and activity.

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Healthy celebrations associate parties with healthy habits rather than unhealthy options, and associate healthy activities with celebrations rather than unhealthy consumption.

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Get ideas for fun celebrations, involving parents, and creating a school culture that celebrates health.

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