In 2012, John M. Sexton Elementary School continued to maintain and tweak the healthy environment we were creating.

I began meeting with our student wellness council and gave them the title of Student Wellness Ambassadors. As our wellness council, this group would periodically go back to their classes and survey their peers on various healthy changes we were discussing to get student opinions and buy-in. It was a great way to have a pulse check on the healthy changes we were making.

The Green Bean Queen

Our wonderfully creative and zany cafeteria manager, Beth, continued her taste tests throughout the year and began dressing up as characters such as the Green Bean Queen and the Purple Sweet Potato Punk Rocker. The kids loved it, and it helped them feel more comfortable with trying a new vegetable.

Walking Program

In September of 2012 we were chosen to try a new walking program that Walgreens had online for individuals and wanted to try out in schools. For one month, our students and staff were challenged with trying to increase the number of minutes of walking they did per day and record it in each classroom.

It was great to see classes taking the “scenic route” to get to the lunch room and walking while reading aloud in the classrooms. We uploaded our minutes each week online and each week they increased. At the end of the program, we had classes adding up to 30 extra minutes of walking per day!

In June 2013, we were awarded the Alliance's Silver National Recognition Award for the second time. This time our new principal accept the award. She returned the next school year with some great ideas and resources to increase physical activity and a renewed motivation to keep moving toward Gold!

Physical Activities for the Classroom


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