Celebrity Support


To support our cause, many celebrities and organizations have used their platform to raise awareness around childhood obesity. They have put our mission to support childhood health on stage at venues and in front of audiences that we could not have reached without them.


Billy Blanks

Bonnie Bernstein

Jillian Michaels

Joy Bauer

Lorena Garcia

Rachael Ray

Reed Alexander

Richard Blais

Tara Stiles

Wasserman Foundation Athlete Outreach 

Ray McCallum

Bud Norris

Quincy Pondexter

Al Horford

Bonnie Bernstein

Jason & Jarron Collins

Al has visited hundreds of students to encourage them to life a healthier lifestyle.

Danyelle Wolf

Eddie Wall

Ty Magner

Nigel Sylvester

Nigel led West Side's morning spin class to encourage students to find what moves them.

Brandon Knight

Trey Thompkins