Jean McTavish, New York


Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School

City, State:
New York, NY

Find Me On: Twitter: @JeanMcT8

A Bit About Me

Favorite Healthy Snack:

Favorite Way to Be Physically Active:
Dancing and spinning

Song that Always Gets You Moving:
Any music with a pumping bass!

Favorite Cookbook/Blog: Ellie Krieger’s cookbooks

Your Inspiration for Being Healthy:
My aging parents, my children, and my amazing students

What motivated you to apply to be an ambassador?
I am always interested in ways that I can give back to programs that have helped me make meaningful change in my school. The Alliance helps schools like mine make changes that many people would say is not possible.

Why do you feel it is important for schools to be a part of the fight against childhood obesity?
Children spend as many or more hours in school than they do with their parents. It is our responsibility, as caring adults in the lives of young people, to teach children about the dangers of obesity and the importance of healthful choices throughout our lives. Dr. Oz suggests that we “pay it forward,” which I believe. The healthier we are, the longer, more productive lives we can lead.

What’s your proudest accomplishment in creating a healthier generation?
Watching my students make healthy choices and believing that they are champions!

If you could make one healthy change in your school or community, what would it be?
I would put an end to poverty.

What is a word of advice for others who would like to make a healthy change in his or her community?
Change happens slowly over time. Be patient and persistent. You are in this for the long haul. If you believe it, you can make it happen.

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