Mickey Komins, Pennsylvania


Anne Frank Elementary

City, State:
Philadelphia, PA

A Bit About Me

Favorite Healthy Snack:
Power Bar or fruit

Favorite Way to Be Physically Active:

Song that Always Gets You Moving:
Anything by Guns and Roses

Your Inspiration for Being Healthy:
To improve my sports performance

What motivated you to apply to be an ambassador?
Sara Couppas, a program manager with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Why do you feel it is important for schools to be a part of the fight against childhood obesity?
As educators, I believe we are teaching children to be lifelong learners. I want their lives to be long!

What’s your proudest accomplishment in creating a healthier generation?
I am proud to watch awareness grow in my building.

If you could make one healthy change in your school or community, what would it be?
Lunches, lunches, lunches.

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