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November 12, 2020

Six Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day

Positive change starts with small steps. At home, work, school and everywhere in between, we can bring the power of kindness into our everyday lives and serve as role models to those around us.  

In celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13, check out these simple ways to practice and inspire kindness every day. 

  • Plan a virtual movie screening of THE ANTIDOTE, a brand new documentary that weaves together stories of compassionate people leveraging the resources of their communities to give others a chance at a better life. Talk as a family or school group about ways each member can help foster a culture of kindness (see this discussion guide for ideas). 
  • Identifying our own emotions accurately can help us gauge others’ emotions and show empathy. Check in with yourself and your loved ones using this Feelings Chart - post it on the refrigerator, take a screen shot for a virtual icebreaker activity, or use it to discuss characters’ feelings from your favorite books and movies! 
  • Try these 5 Ways to Foster Social-Emotional Skills, such as including youth in decision-making and group volunteering, to encourage kindness and cooperation in children and teens. 
  • Interacting with individuals from different generations can increase respect, kindness, and well-being among younger and older people. Share your stories using this Family Conversations blog post featuring communication tips and conversation starters. 
  • Use this Family Agreements guide to identify shared values, such as being kind, and make small commitments that support your values.  
  • What is your vision for a kind and cooperative world? Small goals can lead to big change – fill out this Family Vision Board template together to inspire your own acts of kindness every day! 

Remember, a kind world starts with a kind person. Today and every day, let’s celebrate and share kindness wherever we are. 

How else do you practice and inspire kindness? Share your ideas with us on Twitter by tagging @HealthierGen and #KohlsHealthyAtHome.