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    Any adult in the school building, whether you are a physical education teacher, food service director, classroom teacher, or parent, can get involved and make a difference in helping kids to develop lifelong healthy habits that will benefit them in the classroom and beyond.

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    The best way you can join the movement is to join the Healthy Schools Program. A healthy school is vital to preparing students for success. Enroll your school today, or join your school's team if it's already enrolled, at no-cost at Schools.HealthierGeneration.org.

    Download Nutrition and Physical Activity Ideas

    Below are a few resources and ideas to start you on the path of creating a healthy school. Check them out, and get member-only access to even more once you’ve joined the Healthy Schools Program


    Healthy kids lean better. Get cooking with healthy recipes from some of our National Healthy Schools Award-winning schools.

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    Healthy Fundraising Solutions

    Get tips for fundraisers that raise money while reinforcing a healthy learning environment for students.

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    Healthy Ways to Reward Children

    Learn new ways to reward students that don’t undermine healthy habits that enable them to perform at their best at school.

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    Physical Activity Breaks

    On the playground or in the classroom: Get kids moving and improve their focus no matter where you are in the school building.

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    How to Start a Walking Club

    Walking clubs are simple and inclusive ways to get everyone at school moving more and learning better at school. Start one today.

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    Advocate for Healthy Changes

    Is your school healthy? Ask your leadership for support.

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    Congratulations to the more than 300 schools named America’s Healthiest Schools by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. See what a culture of health looks like near you: www.healthiergeneration.org


    America's Healthiest Schools
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