Beech Bluff Elementary School

We moved breakfast into the classroom for all of our students. Now our kids are more alert, more active and energetic – it’s just a no brainer!” 

- Daphne Johnson, Physical Education Teacher



District: Jackson-Madison County School District
Location: Beech Bluff, Tennessee
Enrollment: 285 students
Joined Healthy Schools Program: 2009


Many students look forward to the 25-minute bus ride from downtown Jackson, Tennessee to Beech Bluff Elementary, where they point out cows and horses as they pull into school. Physical Education Teacher Daphne Johnson remembers doing the same as a child; she is a third generation Beech Bluff alumni. Daphne strives to maintain the sense of community she feels at school by involving administrators, staff, parents and students in her efforts to build a healthier learning environment through the Healthy Schools Program. During parent-teacher conferences, the cafeteria hosted a healthy food taste test, and also offered a cooking class just for parents through a partnership with the University of Tennessee Extension. Daphne is grateful for encouragement from her administrators and staff who support her healthy initiatives such as a daily 20-minute physical education class before school for students and teachers and physical activity breaks in the classroom. “Beech Bluff is my home and I want it to be the best for the children that we serve here,” she said.

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Meet Daphne

Daphne Johnson has been the physical education teacher at Beech Bluff Elementary School for 30 years. A lifelong recreational runner, she completed her first timed race last year at the Beech Bluff Tiger Trot.