Stephanie Kohout

“We have passionate Healthy Schools Program leaders who yearn for healthier students, staff and communities. They create afterschool physical activities, nutrition classes, health fairs and more, which they share with each other and other schools in the district to help and energize one another.”


Role: Physical Education Teacher
School: Springhill Lake Elementary School
Prince George’s County Public Schools
Greenbelt, MD


Stephanie’s greatest accomplishment as a school health leader:
My proudest moment is seeing the students change as we educate them toward a healthier lifestyle. I had one overweight student attend all of the sessions of a before-school workout club, and by the end of the year, he lost 20 pounds (was no longer overweight), motivated his friends and family members to be more active and finally had enough confidence to join his first sports team! It is those stories that beat out any accolades in my career.

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