Reflect and Re-Plan

Once you started incorporating healthy habits in your home, stop and reflect on the progress that you have made. Evaluate the changes you were able to accomplish and the changes you were not. Take what you’ve learned and move forward, continuing to commit to a healthier life. Any progress is good progress and your small steps can create big impacts on your family. Be empowered by the improvements you have made and look forward to the improvements you will soon make.

What Worked?

You’ve made changes in your life to improve your family’s health. What were your successes? Identify the results of you efforts and trace them back to the healthy changes you made to achieve those results. Was it the vegetables? Or maybe the added hour of physical activity? Or both? Every family is different and will achieve different results from different actions. Learn what worked for your family and keep it up.

What didn’t Work?

If every healthy effort we made worked, we wouldn’t need to reflect or re-plan. Unfortunately some of the changes we make to be healthier don’t always work. But that doesn’t mean they will never work. Take a look at those efforts you made that didn’t improve your health and then identify why not. Was your fitness plan too infrequent or maybe not at the intensity your body needed. Or maybe the nutritious options you tried didn’t whet your family’s appetite? The things that didn’t work for us this time will be the things we focus on and improve next time.

Plan for the Future

Now build on what you’ve learned. Keep a journal to track your successes and obstacles to your health efforts. Revisit this information to identify your challenges and replicate your strengths.

Take a look at your calendar for the upcoming year and pinpoint times in which you struggled last year. Look for resources and ideas to help prepare you during those times this year.

Finally, remember that no one is perfect. Making mistakes is part of the journey. Don’t get frustrated, just continue to evaluate and re-evaluate, re-group, re-plan and stay steady in your efforts to create a healthier life for you and your family.