Make Friends

Finding fitness buddies or healthy eating partners is just like making any other friend, and chances are they are already your friends. The only difference is that both people are committed to encouraging each other to reach the healthy goals they have set.

Create a Common Goal

Find a friend or friend group that is interested in improving the same aspect of their health as you are. Like most relationships, fitness friendships are built around a common interest. Workout buddies workout together. Nutrition buddies learn about healthy foods and cook together. Friend groups encourage each other to stay active or stay healthy as well as share ideas for getting even healthier.

A Friendly Family

Become fitness friends with your family. Instead of playing normal family roles, engage with your family members as friends that share a common goal. It can be easier to share ideas, encourage, and provide feedback when you view your family members as fitness partners rather than a mom, son, uncle, or grandparent.

A Time and Place

Schedule your active and healthy friend time regularly. Once you find a group of people who enjoy the same activities, put some time on everyone’s calendar to meet daily or weekly. This can be a walking club every morning before work, a group of parents taking out the strollers every Saturday, or group of friends hitting the weights several days a week.

A Friendly Challenge

Friends are a great source of motivation. They keep us accountable. But friends can also give us the drive we need to not just meet our goals but exceed them. We don’t want to be the one who simply went to the gym twice this week. We want to be the one who has the best results to show for it. Friends can be the voice and presence that challenges us to stay committed to our fitness and nutrition goals.