Pass It On

A movement for childhood health doesn’t just happen. It takes time. It takes people who believe in the cause and are committed to encourage others to believe in it as well. That’s where you come in. That’s where we all come in. Spread the word on childhood health and play a part in the movement that creates change.

Share Your Knowledge

People need specifics. Knowing that you should eat healthier and move more is different than knowing how to eat healthier and move more. Once people know the exact steps they need to take to improve their family’s health or the health of their school or community, they can then take action. Tell others what you know and spark a movement through knowledge.

Share Your Passion

Let others know why you care so much. Most people are aware that they need to make healthy change in their schools, homes, or communities, but without that spark, change is usually never made. Pass on your spark. Tell your story and get others to see why you think change for health is important to you and why it should be important to them.

Share a Goal

Survey your neighborhood and see what your community needs to live healthier. It’s easier to get people to rally behind a cause when that cause has a tangible or measurable goal. Healthier living in your community could be in the shape of a walking path or new basketball court for your kids. Determine what your community’s tangible goal is to eat better or get more active, and use that to get people interested in positive change.

Share Online

The conversation on health is always going on. Your knowledge, passion, and goals could be just the things that keep the conversation going and make the connections we all need to create a healthier future for our next generation.

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