Talk with Out-of-School Time Staff

Dedicated staff in afterschool programs, community centers, summer camps, and faith-based organizations are creating healthy environments to keep our nation’s kids eating nutritious foods and staying active. See how you can get involved.

Introduce Yourself

Get to know the staff in the out-of-school time settings in your area. Talk with the leaders, supporters, and volunteers who keep these environments running and see what their needs are to better support the health of the youth they serve.

Ask About Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

We have developed a science-based framework for healthy eating and physical activity in out-of-school time settings. These standards help staff integrate better nutrition and activity in a tangible way. Share our framework with out-of-school time staff and let them know there are resources available to help make the standards at their site as easy to implement and as effective as possible.

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Engage Young People

Youth have a unique opportunity to take on leadership roles in out-of-school time settings. Staff at these setting can give youth the tools they need to lead and the confidence they need to maximize those tools.

Help staff at an out-of-school time programs engage youth by making them aware of the available resources to empower the young people at their site.

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