Talk with Your Local School

Our kids are in school for about 1,100 hours every year. It’s where they spend most of their time outside the home. That makes campuses essential places to ensure our kids are eating the right foods and living active lifestyles during the school day.

Talk to your School

Participate in your PTA

Your school’s Parent Teacher Association can be your access point to understand the wellness efforts on campus and see what has been and can be done to improve upon these efforts in the future.

What Do School Foods Look Like on Campus?

School foods are the meals and beverages your kids are getting from the cafeteria, the snacks they get from the vending machine, the treats they get during classroom parties, and the items they get from school fundraisers. Visit your child’s school and see if the foods they are offer every day give them the fuel they need to live an active lifestyle and the nutrients they need to keep their bodies healthy.

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Physical Activity on Campus

Physical activity on campus is the movement your child gets from physical education class, recess, active learning, and physical activity breaks during class time. Visit your child’s school. See if they are getting their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

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