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Statement on the Pew, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Collaboration Examining the Impact of National Nutrition Standards for Beverages and Snack Foods

June 26, 2012 

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation applauds the Kids’ Safe and Healthful Food Project and the Health Impact Project on the health impact assessment released today.

The assessment's findings that updating national nutrition standards for beverages and snack foods sold in schools could help students maintain a healthy weight as well as neutralize or increase school food revenue are welcomed.

The Alliance has been working in schools for more than five years and has authored countless case studies documenting the progression of school snack food and beverage policy and procurement changes.  As seen in our more than 14,000 schools across the country working toward a healthier school environment, we know that improving school food and beverages nutrition standards directly impacts student health and can also lead to better behavior and academic performance.

We support the Pew Charitable Trust and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for prioritizing the health and wellness of our children and encourage all Americans to advocate for healthier options in schools across the country.

Ginny Ehrlich
Alliance for a Healthier Generation

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