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We’ve Updated Our Brand

You may have noticed things look a little differently here at the Alliance. For one, that fact that you are reading this post means you’re on our blog, which is new. We just added that. But you may also notice that we have been playing with a new color palette, created a new logo, and designed a new website that not only looks cool but is actually what we like to call, intuitive.

It was time. We really wanted to take a step back and make sure our brand - those feelings and ideas that you associate with our name – was accurate and really contributed to our mission to support childhood health in the best way possible. And most importantly to us, we want to make our cause – childhood obesity – something that the nation identifies with and sees as a cause to get behind.

So we started with a new logo. We really wanted to encapsulate the concept of collaboration while conveying our mission to increase the opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in the places where kids spend their time. To us that concept – the one of collaboration - means we all have a role to play in this effort to create the healthiest future for our nation’s kids and that we all have the unique skills and perspectives to change at least one environment for the healthier.

Then we took a look at some colors. The oranges and blues you see should leave you feeling warm and empowered - at least that’s what our testing said. And that’s our goal - to empower. We want to provide the best support to all those making a difference in their schools, homes, and communities. We believe everyone has the power to make healthy change, and we want to provide our years of working with best practices and evidence-based resources to encourage and support efforts.

And finally, we wanted to build an experience. We want people to really feel what our cause is all about. And that is action. Whether it’s big actions or smalls actions; actions in your home or out-of-school time setting; actions for your kids or your students - our cause is all about action and empowering the individuals, companies, and systems of our nation to take the actions that our next generation needs to have the best chance for a healthy and long life.

Take a look around the new website and see what you think.

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