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Fun Fitness is Awesome!

Global Youth Service Day is when youth all around the world work together to coordinate service projects to help improve their communities. I choose to coordinate a Fun Run & Walk for Kids on Global Youth Service Day because I wanted to be the first youth in the City of Bowie to create a fun fitness day just for kids.

My service day project is a Fun Run & Walk for Kids. It is a day full of fun fitness activities for ages 5 to 16. I choose a Fun Run & Walk for Kids as my service day project because kids like to have fun and we are full of energy. I wanted to remind everyone that fitness is fun, and that youth should engage in fun fitness activities every single day.

The Fun Run & Walk for Kids was a great success because other youth and adults helped me pull it all together. I believe kids should get involved because kids can encourage other kids to be in control of their health. We only have one body and one life, so we must take care of it.

I believe the Fun Run & Walk for Kids impacted the City of Bowie in a big way. The Mayor of Bowie, the Bowie City Council and the Prince George’s County Board of Education Chairperson attended the event. I believe that seeing kids lead an event about health and fitness will inspire more youth and adults to eat healthy and stay active.

Overall, I learned a lot from coordinating my first service day project. I learned that if you try and try you can do anything. Also, I learned the power of partnerships and that a lot of people care and they are willing to help you accomplish your goals.

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