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New School Regs Year One

Year two of the new rules for the federal lunch program is kicking off. How was year one?

Responses to the new meal standards seem to be a mixed bag. Some schools are thriving, others are still trying to find the best ways to implement the new standards in their cafeterias. After reading an article about schools that are still working to get student buy-in, we thought about the schools in our program that could be highlighted as great examples of schools serving healthy meals that are good for students and good for revenue.

We looked at schools in our Healthy Schools Program to learn more about their secret to school meal success. Our findings: the schools that are thriving are using our tools to not just implement the new guidelines and serve healthier foods, but are changing their cafeteria culture to create an environment where new foods fit into their schools’ wants and needs.

Meals are being vetted by school food service professionals as well as the students themselves to make sure they fit at an operational level as well as an “Mmmmm” level for students. Schools are playing with different marketing - yes marketing - approaches, to figure out the best ways to present new foods to students in a way that creates buy-in. Champions also seem to be a big contributing factor at schools experiencing success. Champions are people who are committed to the new effort to serve healthier foods and encourage those eating, making, and selling them to create a cafeteria culture that instills healthy eating habits in our youth.

We want to see all schools succeed with their healthy school meal efforts and we are here to help. Our Healthy Schools Program, and all the resources, tools, and expert support it includes, is available at no cost to any school around the nation.

Click on a school or district below to see how it is implementing the new standards and making its lunch program a success. These are just a few of the success stories around the nation. Read more stories of success to see how others are making the guidelines work for their students and staff.

Jackson-Madison County Schools -Jackson, Tennessee

Hopkins Public School District - Hopkins, Minnesota

Hart County Public Schools –Hart County, Kentucky

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