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National School Lunch Week

We’re introducing five new recipes from across the USA in celebration of National School Lunch Week.

Every day more than 32 million children across the country eat school lunch. And one week a year we join the School Nutrition Association in celebrating National School Lunch Week to raise awareness about the importance of giving our kids the healthy foods and beverages they need to perform and play to the best of their abilities. And that week is here!

Up to 50 percent of the calories a child consumes are consumed at school. That means kids are not just eating a lot on campus but also learning a lot about how and what to eat when they’re not on campus. Those lessons on nutrition, whether good or bad, will be the habits our kids take with them after the school day and after their classroom careers are over.

That is why we focus so much of our efforts as an organization on healthy cafeterias and trying to improve the food kids see on their lunch trays every day at school, and why our National Nutrition Advisor, Carol Chong is here to help school districts overcome the challenges they face.

To continue that work and celebrate National School Lunch Week, we are adding five new recipes to our healthy school recipes cookbook. The new school recipes from across the USA, as well as all the other recipes in our cookbook, meet the strict nutrition guidelines set in our Healthy Schools Program and are designed to be prepared easily and affordably by food service professionals.

These recipes were created by several of our Healthy Schools Program Ambassadors who work day in and day out to improve nutrition, meet new meal standards, and teach our kids healthy lifestyles. And it’s working.  Schools around the nation are introducing recipes that meet new meal standards and are changing their cafeteria culture to get student buy in. One of our Youth Advisory Board members, Guido Dominguez, like many students, is grateful for the changes and shares his student perspective on healthier cafeterias.

We are always looking for great school lunch recipes that meet our guidelines and are a hit with students. Let us know what is working at your school of if there is any way we can help.

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