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Thank You!

You reached into your pockets and donated your money. You laced up your shoes and ran marathons for us. You swam, biked, and did pushups for us. You improved your school’s health. You improved your community’s health. You improved your family’s health.

Thank you.

You shared our mission with your friends. You retweeted us. You packed a bag, got on your bike, and road across country for us. You didn’t give up on your healthy cafeteria. You didn’t close your gym to your community.

You did stay a little longer. You did work a little harder.

Thank you.

You placed your stethoscope on a child’s heart and told her how to live healthier. You raised your hand during a PTA meeting and said it’s time for change. You created a product, you sold it, and you donated profits. You coached, taught, and supervised. You parented.

You made childhood health a priority. You made childhood health possible.

We thank you for all your support in the many different ways you give it. None of this would be possible without you.

Thank you.

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