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Donate a tweet or Facebook post and help us raise some much needed funds to support childhood health.

As part of our end of year giving campaign - that campaign that helps us reach our fundraising goals for the year so that we can continue supporting all our programs across the county - we are creating a Thunderclap to give you an easy way to support childhood health one final time in 2013.

What’s a Thunderclap?

A Thunderclap is a bunch of people that believe in a cause who agree to send a tweet from their Twitter handle or Facebook post from their profile to support that cause. That means whether or not you want to make a donation to support childhood health, you can still use the power of one tweet to your followers to see if they would like to become a supporter. If they want to, great, and if not, you are still helping spread the word on childhood health.

We’re hoping to get at least 100 people to join our Thunderclap and, if we meet that goal, on December 31st – the last day to make a tax deductible donation for 2013 – the tweet below will go out from all those who joined, making some serious noise to support the health of our next generation.

Help create a healthier tomorrow for America’s young people. See the impact your donation can make for our kids.

One tweet to all your followers can make a major difference for our cause. Share this blog, share your support, and join the movement to give our kids every opportunity to live their healthiest lives possible.

Thank you!

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