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Healthy Holidays on a Budget

It may seem impossible to be health conscious with your family during the holiday season. Any well intentioned ideas to eat better and move more can get lost in the bustle of budgeting your families time and money. But there is no need to wait until January to make healthy resolutions. We're challenging you to refrain from putting your family's health on hold during this busy time of the year.

1. On-the-Go Snacks: Kids get the craving to munch on a snack during shopping trip and long holiday-road trips. But you can save money and calories by packing a bag of carrots, celery, or dry healthy cereals. Always carry a reusable bottle of water to stay hydrated and avoid buying high-sugar beverages and food court snacks.

2. Get Out: EBay, Amazon, and all of your favorite department stores make it possible to shop online. This may seem like a convenient time saver, but it also keeps you sitting at home. Take the time to go out as a family and shop for gifts to keep moving during the cold winter months. And remember to park as far away as you can handle!

3. Exercise at Home: Instead of going to a gym or a yoga studio, take advantage of free streaming videos online—and get the whole family involved. Your local library is also a good resource for workout DVDs available for rental.

4. Grocery Bargains: Make a list of healthy foods you need and watch sales closely. Always buy generic rather than paying extra for a brand for your family. Keep frozen bags of fruits and vegetables in your freezer and remember that buying seasonal produce will usually be a better value, and more tasty!

5. Key Equipment: Instead of buying expensive at home fitness machines, stick with the basics- a jump rope, hula hoop, yoga mat, hand weights, or an exercise band are inexpensive and add a fun way to get moving as a family!

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