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A New Collaboration

Out-of-School Time Gets Healthier

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, leading food companies, group purchasing organizations, and celebrity athletes. Together we will be working to improve health and wellness in out-of-school time settings across the country by reaching more youth and having a greater impact on the youth we reach.

Watch the video below to see President Bill Clinton make the announcement on stage at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters conference. And read below to learn more about our expanding initiative.

Also on stage at #HealthMatters2014, Michael Minor, Director, Division of Juvenile Justice, announces our commitment to use the tools and resources we have available for schools and out-of-school time settings to help the youth and staff in Juvenile Justice create healthier environments.

Four Million Young People

With the Boys & Girls Clubs of America joining our efforts, 4,000 Clubs around the nation will use our Healthy Out-of-School Time Framework to continue improving healthy eating and physical activity for the four million young people that they work with.

Along with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we are working with the Wasserman Foundation and professional athletes to sustain and increase this growth. Our professional athletes will use their celebrity to encourage more out-of-school time settings to join our efforts and encourage the young people in these programs to adopt the healthier options and activities.

Nutrition: Accessibility and Affordability

Our goal is to reach as many programs as possible as well as make it as easy as possible for those programs to support the youth they care for. This often comes down to funds.

In this new initiative, leading food companies and group purchasing organizations have agreed to extend the discounts and services they offer schools, to out-of-school time programs. Participating food companies have agreed to offer their healthy foods that meet our guidelines and USDA nutrition standards at prices no higher than comparable products that are less healthy.

Along with these price adjustments, out-of-school time programs will be able to utilize the purchasing power of GPOs and could save 10 – 20 percent on their food and beverage purchasing.

More than 15% of American youth are involved in afterschool programs and millions more are engaged with summer camps, community centers and faith-based organizations. These numbers brought this collaboration together, and the commitment to childhood health from people and programs around the county is what is going to sustain it.

“We believe by creating healthier environments that surround a child, we can reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity,” said President Clinton on stage at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Conference where he made the announcement. “Outside of the school day, millions of young people across the country spend the majority of their time in these structured programs. With the support of the food industry and athlete role models, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and thousands of other providers will have the tools needed to ensure they are creating healthy settings for young people.”

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