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Searching for 10 Amazing Young People

We have begun our search to build our 2014 – 2015 Youth Advisory Board and will be accepting applications for new board members until Friday, March 14.

Our Youth Advisory Board is one of the only youth-led advisory groups in the country focused on childhood obesity issues. The young people that make up our board provide the youth perspective our organization needs to continue creating healthy change that is not only directed at kids but accepted by kids. Our board members use their experiences to educate us, as well as be voices of change among their peers, families, and nation.

Youth advisors are national spokespeople for the Alliance and growing thought leaders in the conversation on childhood health. Board members represent our cause and organization at local and national events, in the media, and through engaging their communities.

Some of our board members have created products for healthier living, while others have shared their ideas for healthy lifestyles on stage in the White House. All of our youth advisors contribute in meaningful ways to improve the health of their generation and the generations to come, and we as an organization give them the platform and resources they need to get their voices heard on a local and national level.

The magic in youth speaking to youth is that both parties can relate to each other. It is clear that young people face similar problems and have similar mindsets, so why not use that to one’s advantage and do something about it....Since our nation is facing an epidemic of childhood obesity, it is important for children to take a stand!

- Anita Rao, Youth Advisory Board member

 “It is important for youth to have a voice in the fight against childhood obesity because we are the ones living it. In order to combat the problem, those who experience the problem must be involved in the solution.

- Mataio Swain, Youth Advisory Board member

We are looking for 10 amazing youth to join our 2014 – 2015 board. If you are or know a young person who is committed to childhood health and creating a healthier generation, learn more about becoming a member of our board.

Upcoming Webinars:

Join us for an informational webinar to hear about this exciting opportunity and get exclusive insight into the board experience and application process.


Become a Youth Advisory Board Member


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