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Better Breakfast, Better Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As children, we all heard our moms and dads spouting this wisdom day in and day out. And, like so many other things in life, they were right!

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Leaders of national organizations tell us why and how to take action.

Breakfast Rock Stars

As we celebrate National School Breakfast Week, the Alliance would like to recognize the many schools across the country that are making this long-standing morning routine a priority, delivering healthy and nutritious meals each morning so their students can start their day ready to learn.

The school nutrition professionals who make it happen often have to overcome challenges such as schedules, budgets and student participation. But they succeed—school communities become energized and prove that by working together, making healthy changes is possible and the rewards are rich!

So, how do they do it?

Sample breakfast menus for schools. You may have heard that new nutrition guidelines are in place for school meals, and that includes breakfast. We teamed up with the School Nutrition Association to deliver plug-and-play breakfast menus to fit a variety of operation styles – grab-and-go, cafeteria and breakfast in the classroom.

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