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Take Time for Breakfast

During the first week of March, schools around the country celebrate National School Breakfast Week. This year’s theme, “Take Time for School Breakfast,” is a good one to try to replicate at home.

Studies have shown that eating breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight. If you wait until you are starving you are less likely to make nutritious choices. Make sure you are getting the right fuel into your body before you start your day.

Five Tips for Breakfast

1. Diversify
Rather than going for the same bowl of cereal every day, think about switching it up. Try to incorporate more whole grains, eggs, low-fat yogurt and fruit. This will ensure you get a variety of the nutrients your body needs while keeping breakfast much more interesting to eat.

2. To Veg or Not to Veg?
Most people don’t think of eating vegetables in the morning but why not? Try making an omelet or scrambled eggs loaded with diced vegetables. Or pull out some pre-sliced carrots, celery, or peppers for a quick way to get those extra servings of vegetables in before you even leave the house.

3. Schedule It
Add that extra 10 or 15 minutes to your daily routine to make sure the time will be there. Think about what you will have the night before and you will have one less reason to skip it the next morning.

4. Grab and Go
For mornings when you just can’t sit down to eat, have a back-up plan for healthy items you can take with you such as yogurt, whole grain granola bars, fruit and whole grain cereal that can be made up from the night before, or even some carrots and hummus.

5. Blend It
The night before, put fruits and/or vegetables in your blender pitcher and put that in the fridge. The next morning you just have to put it on the base and turn it on. A quick and refreshing breakfast filled with minerals and nutrients—and it is easy to take in the car!

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