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11 Smart Snack Pins

It’s the second week of our 12 Weeks to Swap Your Snack Countdown. This week is all about getting creative and making new Smart Snacks in School Standards your own.

How do you snack smart? Do you mix sweet and savory? Maybe you have a host of ideas for healthy snacking on the go. Or maybe you’re all about presentation, presentation, presentation.

One of the best ways we get our creative juices going is by exploring great ideas from our friends on Pinterest. View our Swap Your Snack Pinterest board for 11 Smart Snack Pins. We’ll continue to add to this board as we find new ways to creatively meet Smart Snacks Standards.


Help us spread the word on school success and tools for schools to use for new Smart Snacks standards. Below are premade tweets you can copy, paste and share from your Twitter account.

Happy, healthy tweeting!

  • 11 #SmartSnack pins from @HealthierGen to help you make new nutrition standards your own #SwapYourSnack
  • It’s week 2 of @HealthierGen’s #SwapYourSnack Countdown. Get creative inspiration for new #SmartSnack standards
  • Join @HealthierGen for their #SwapYourSnack Countdown to get ready for new #SmartSnacks in schools standards.

We hope you will share this information and our stories of inspiration with your colleagues. Don’t hesitate to call 1-888-KID-HLTH1-888-KID-HLTH if you have questions about the standards. Our school health guides are happy to chat with you.

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