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10 Smart Ways to Raise Money

It’s week three of our Swap Your Snack Countdown and this week we want to help you continue to raise much needed funds for your school while reinforcing the healthy eating habits you teach your students every day.

Use these 10 ideas to get inspired and try healthy fundraising with your school community.

1. Promotion Motion

Crestview Elementary in Carlisle, PA held a fundraising campaign called Promotion Motion. Students obtained sponsors and then participated in various challenges each week such as TV Free Week, No Fast Food Week and a Family Fitness Challenge. Teachers and parents participated and there was a tremendous response from local businesses. They raised $31,322 in six weeks of healthy activities! How They Did It

2. Fun Run

High Bridge Elementary School in Prince George’s County, MD raised $3000 during a 30 minute “Fun Run.” Students asked for donations per lap and ran as many as they could in 30 minutes. The funds were to be used for a new school playground so the students were extra motivated. Raising $100 per minute while being active? Pretty fantastic.

3. Variety is the Spice of Life

Students in Redondo Beach, CA love to move – so much so that Lincoln Elementary School added activity-based fundraisers, such as jog-a-thons, jump rope contests, and ice skating night.

4. Fit for the Future

The Woodstock 200 School District in Woodstock, IL decided to host a district wide fundraiser to help all schools raise money for wellness efforts. The Fit for the Future event started with a three mile walk, followed by exhibits, speakers and activities. Students asked for pledges for the walk and families chipped in $5 to attend. The district raised more than $10,000 which was given back to the schools for physical education equipment. How They Did It

5. Garden Party

The Kearney Public School District in Nebraska partnered with a local landscaping company to offer garden starter plants to families, with a portion of each sale going back to their school. The sale complemented garden-related lessons the students received in the classroom and encouraged families to grow and eat their own healthy food. The sale brought in more than $7,000 for the district which gave it back to participating schools to use for wellness efforts.

6. Garage Sale

When Ruleville Central Elementary School in Mississippi set out to raise money for a new playground, it decided not to sell donuts or cookie dough. Since joining the Healthy Schools Program they had been seeking out healthier fundraising options and decided to try a garage sale. Teachers donated items to sell and volunteered to manage the sale on a Saturday. They raised $500 and were also rewarded with cleaner closets!

7. Healthy Cookbook

At Millville Senior High School in Plainfield, NJ the wellness council decided to hit two birds with one stone last year by working to improve employee wellness with a healthy cookbook while raising money for student scholarships. Students helped provide the art work for the cookbook.  The cookbook was such a hit that they are doing it again this year, with recipes that are more appealing to their student population. How They Did It

8. Race for the Top

Fundraising at Pot Spring Elementary in Baltimore, MD is not about selling the most candy or cupcakes after school. Students participate in a six-week conditioning program for the school’s annual fundraiser, “Race for the Top,” where they earn pledges based on the distance they run. The event takes place before, during, and after school to keep kids moving throughout the day.

9. Jean Day!

Idlewild Elementary School in Charlotte, NC, raised $800 for physical education equipment by pitting their teachers against parents in a basketball game and selling tickets to an eager crowd. While a popular idea, the most-loved fundraiser is Jean Day, an idea pitched to the school administration by the student-led wellness council. All students, who typically wear uniforms, can pay $1 to wear jeans on certain days of the year.

10. ‘Tis the Season

Need help hanging your holiday lights? At Mt. Pleasant Elementary School in Oregon City, OR, the PTO raised $1200 to support their physical education program by offering to hang holiday lights on houses near the school. How They Did It


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What are your healthy fundraising ideas?

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