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Drink More Water

It’s finally warming up outside…are you staying hydrated? Water is the best source of hydration for children and adults alike. It has no calories, is low cost and is readily available from a tap near you!

Read and share these five tips that remind us to drink water, as well as make water fun:

1. Make Water Available
Keep pitchers or coolers around. Make sure younger children can reach them!

2. Keep It Fun!
Let children pick out their own colorful, fun water bottles or cups, or let them decorate their own! Remind them to keep their bottles with them throughout the day.

3. Use Crazy Colored and Shaped Straws.

4. Jazz It Up!
Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, orange or grapefruit slices, frozen berries or sprig of mint to add natural flavor.

5. Be a Role Model.
Drink water yourself! Drink water with snacks and meals and throughout the day. Thirsty? Drink water!

And, of course, water meets Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards, which go into effect on July 1!

Use our Smart Snacks Calculator to see other beverages that meet new nutrition standards.


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