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NBA All-Star Visit

“These kids are our future and it’s important from an early age that they learn the importance of eating the right way, exercising and having a healthy lifestyle.” - Al Horford

Al Horford, All-Star center/forward for the Atlanta Hawks (and good friend of the Alliance!), visited Sutton Middle School to celebrate healthy changes with students.

Standing at 6 foot 10 inches tall, Al made quite the impression on the middle school students. They showed him around campus walking down halls lined with posters celebrating the visit, and then through their state-of-the-art cafeteria where the school’s nutritious meals come to life. Al even received a firsthand experience of one of the many ways the students stay active, ballet.

When it comes to being active, Sutton Middle School exceeds state requirements for physical education. And as an award-winning member of our Healthy Schools Program, Sutton offers a wide variety of extracurricular physical activities including ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse and – as Al can attest – ballet dance classes.

Like many healthy schools, Sutton’s school wellness council is an integral part of their health effort. Their team introduced Wellness Days, when students and staff spend the entire day engaged in health and fitness oriented activities. And every year beginning around Valentine’s Day with “Love Your Body Week,” they kick off six weeks of wellness when students track their nutrition intake and exercise, as well as learn about living a healthy lifestyle.

Al’s Advice To Students

As a role model for students, Al spoke to kids about the importance of nurturing healthy habits and told them that the best time to create the lifestyles they'll have in the future is now. With that he gave the 500 students three points of focus:

  1.  Eat Well
  2.  Drink Water
  3.  Get Active

“My hope for the next generation is that they carry these lifestyles that the Alliance for a Healthier Generation teaches and promotes. That includes eating well and making sure that they drink lots of water. Get out and be physically active. Exercise and find something that you’re passionate about. Just keep learning and keep educating yourselves on how to eat, and the right things to eat to have a better lifestyle and to feel healthy.”

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