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8 Smart Snack Celebrations

It’s week five of our Smart Snack Countdown and we’re talking healthy celebrations.

Schools across the country have already been working to swap the snacks served during school celebrations. With food allergies, sticky fingers and sugar crashes, teachers and principals have decided to look for new ways to reward students and to celebrate birthdays, holidays and achievements.

With eight weeks to go before the USDA’s Smart Snacks guidelines go into effect, we’re sharing eight ideas that other schools have used to swap their snacks!

1. Getting Social with Pinterest

At Atherton Elementary in Michigan, parents are encouraged to use to find fun and healthy snacks for birthdays. How they did it.

2. Can I See the Menu?

Rosa Parks Elementary in Indiana created a menu of healthy choices for parents and students to choose from to make their birthday celebration special and healthy. How they did it.

3. A Cycling Celebration

A blender attached to a bicycle provides an easy and healthy way to celebrate birthdays at Monte Vista Elementary in New Mexico. How they did it.

4. Party with Perspiration

Students at Campbell Elementary in Georgia celebrate birthdays with hula-hoops, jump ropes and basketball. How they did it.

5. A Little Friendly Competition

Teacher Rebecca Wurman decided to show her middle school students that they could have more fun celebrating with kickball than ice cream at LaCorte-Peterstown School 3 in New Jersey.  How they did it.

6. Cashing in on Fitness

At Edison Park Elementary in Florida, students can earn “Raider Dollars” to spend on fitness equipment. How they did it.

7. The Dunk Tank

Vansville Elementary in Maryland has found that the chance to dunk a teacher might be enough of an incentive to get students motivated. How they did it.

8. Inspiring Artists

Art teacher Sarah Watson looks to reward students with art rather than food; students can earn “star bucks” at North Lakeland Elementary in Florida which can be traded in for face painting, chalk drawing and dance parties. How they did it.


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  • It’s week 5 of the #SwapYourSnack Countdown. Check out 8 ideas for #SmartSnacks celebrations from @HealthierGen:
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