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6 Ways to Swap Your Snack

With six weeks to go until the USDA’s new Smart Snack standards take effect in schools across the country, we encourage everyone to think about swapping their snacks in other venues as well. Here are six places outside the school building where you can “swap your snack” and help both adults and children gain access to healthier snack choices.

1. Home

If you don’t have it, you won’t eat it. Make sure you shop for snacks when you are not hungry and go with a shopping list full of fruits and veggies. When you get home, wash, cut and store them in easy-to-grab bags.

Check out seven tips on healthy snacking at home!

2. Out-of-School Time

When they are not at school, many children can be found in afterschool programs either at school, a community center or faith-based organization. The Alliance’s Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative provides resources for these settings to swap their snacks for healthier options.

3. Work

Taking a snack break at work can provide energy, a break from the screen and an opportunity to socialize but worksite snack areas can be dangerous for anyone trying to eat healthier foods. Think about inviting a speaker to talk about reading food labels like this school did, and let everyone know about the Alliance Product Calculator, especially those in charge of stocking the vending machines!

Check out the Healthy Meeting Toolkit from the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity for more ideas.

4. Camp

Take it from this mom; parents can and should speak up when they are not happy about food served at camp. Make sure you ask about snacks when you look at potential new camps and let the directors know that you think kids need healthy snacks to get through the day.

5. Sports

From the baseball diamond to the soccer field, post-game snacks are becoming ever more commonplace. Unfortunately they are often not healthy and send the wrong message about rewarding physical activity with junk. Read about how this mom got her whole town to swap the sports snack.

6. Pool

Many kids spend all summer hanging out at a local pool, which can be a wonderful source of physical activity. This can be negated by the consumption of popular poolside snacks such as hot dogs, ice cream and candy bars. This group’s efforts in Kentucky will inspire you to work on swapping the snacks at your pool!


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