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Hear from the Students: Healthy School Food Matters!

Great progress has been made toward implementing the USDA’s school nutrition standards. Nationwide, we know that over 90% of schools are meeting or exceeding the nutrition standards for school meals established in 2012. But what do students have to say?

What Our CEO Has to Say

Farrah Hawkins, Age 8

Birmingham, AL

"It's important to have healthy foods as part of school lunch so that kids can have the opportunity to try many fruits and vegetables and see that these foods are delicious. At the same time we can learn that these foods are good for you. I would like for these foods to stay as part of my school lunch menu. Eating healthy can be fun."

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Bodhi Lovely, age 11

Russellville, AR

"It is important to have healthy food at schools because kids do not always get that nutrition at home. I enjoy these foods at school because they taste a lot better than unhealthy food. I want healthy foods, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains to stay on my school lunch menu."

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Reagan Spomer, age 9

Pierre, SD

"I think it is important to have healthy school foods because fruits, vegetables and whole grains are an important part of your daily requirements. They are important because they provide your body a lot of vitamins and minerals that are needed to grow and be healthy. When I did a survey, kids in my school voiced that they really liked the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables and were more willing to eat them over other items.

I enjoy these healthy foods at school as long as they are fresh. I like it when the school offers a variety of these items for us to try. There are a lot of different items that kids can try and the more the school offers the more kids learn they like new things.

I want these foods to stay as part of my school lunch menu because I like the taste of fresh items over the canned."

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Erik Okino, Age 16

Los Alamitos/Rossmoor, California

"Fruits are sweet, juicy, and refreshing. I believe it is important to have fruits in school lunches for the following reasons: for one, kids will actually eat them.

My friends who buy lunch always have either, carrots, oranges, grapes, or some other type of fruit and vegetable. It is important to have a healthy school lunch so that the people who buy lunch will be eating healthy. Recently I have found some recipes that are extremely healthy and sound like they would taste amazing. I am thinking of organizing a club that tries to find healthy recipes, then asking the school if we can integrate these into the school menu. I would love to have these foods as part of the lunch menu."

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Jodi Evans, Age 10

Bowie, Maryland

"I think that it is important to have healthy foods as part of the school lunch because if you eat healthy at school and at home than you will always have the nutrition that you need to be healthy and active. I would like to keep the healthy foods my school serves such as salads and fruit.  Soda has too much sugar, and sugary and salty foods are hard to tolerate."

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Bobby Sena, Age 10

Orlando, FL

"I really hope that healthy choices remain part of our school menu because I have really learned that energy comes from the food choices we eat. Eating healthy choices became a great learning experience at school because I learned about new vegetables and new fruits such as dragon fruits and star fruits. I also learned about new vegetables and I really did like it. I learned how to make a well balanced plate because our cafeteria had us chose one vegetable and one fruit with our main lunch and breakfast choice.

I feel more energetic and my energy lasts longer. I don't really feel hungry too soon and I am able to go from school to sports to service learning projects, sometimes with no break in between, and still be able to be successful at everything I begin and have energy to make it through the day. I think that these choices are important because it teaches us students that these are the healthy choices we should make instead of placing unhealthy foods in front of us and giving us the impression that junk food is what we should be eating."

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Read what our CEO has to say about nutrition standards and share your thoughts about the standards in the comments section below.


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  • 90% of schools are meeting or exceeding nutrition standards. Hear what students have to say about healthier options:
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