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1 Celebration for Smart Snacks

After 12 weeks of the Swap Your Snack Countdown, Smart Snacks in School Standards are officially in effect. Now it’s time to celebrate your healthy changes and keep up the momentum to swap your snack daily. Download and print our Swap Your Snack poster to keep healthy snacking fresh in the minds of students and staff in all the places you snack. Hang it in your cafeteria, pin it to your bulletin board and frame it next to your vending machines.

Share How You Swap on Social Media

As you swap your snack with your school community, lend your voice to the national conversation going on around Smart Snacks. Share the healthier alternatives you are choosing, and learn how others are meeting the standards at their schools.

  1. Use the hashtag #SwapYourSnack 
  2. Tag @HealthierGen on Twitter or @Alliance for a Healthier Generation on Facebook

Download Your Poster

Click on the image below to download and print your posters.

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Help us spread the word on school success and tools for schools to use for new Smart Snacks standards. Below are premade tweets you can copy and share from your Twitter account. Or just click "Tweet It!"

Happy, healthy tweeting!

  • #SmartSnacks standards are here! Use @HealthierGen’s school-friendly poster to keep up momentum to #SwapYourSnack:

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  • Today #SmartSnacks nutrition guidelines go into effect in schools. Is your school ready to #SwapYourSnack?

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