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220 Miles for Childhood Health

Ascending the highest peak in the continental United States didn’t cross our minds when we created the “Choose Your Own Event” as part of Team Healthier Generation. It was, however, the first thing to cross David Veeneman’s.

David is not only climbing Mt. Whitney—the 14,505 ft. Californian monster. That is actually the last thing he is doing. First, David is hiking the entire 220 miles of the John Muir Trail that starts in Yosemite, spans through three national parks and ascends and descends more than 50,000 feet in elevation.

David is doing all this to raise awareness and funds to support the Alliance and childhood health. We are blown away by his tremendous commitment to support our next generation.

Hiking the 220 mile trail will take David approximately three weeks to get from point A to point B. However, preparing his body and mind for such an excursion takes much longer. David has already been training for several months by hiking similar terrain, preparing his body for the elevation changes, and piling on his gear for dress rehearsals to make sure there are no surprises once at the trailhead.

Basically, he is traveling hundreds of miles in preparation to travel hundreds more.

David has already done so much to support childhood health, but his 220 mile trek through the Sierra Nevada Mountains will begin on July 30. To date, he has raised $10,000 for our cause.

You can support David and his incredible effort for childhood health with a donation of any amount.

Once on the trail, David will be taking photos and video and using a satellite phone to report updates from his trip. And once a week, his wife Liza will be hiking into the trail to resupply and encourage David along the way. We will keep you updated on all the stories we hear.

Thank you, David! And thank you to all those who are helping him raise much needed funds to support childhood health.

Help David Reach the Peak!

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