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5 Tips for Snacking Smarter

Whether you are looking for new ways to get your recommended five fruits and veggies a day or a heart-healthy boost for your morning or afternoon, healthy snacking is a great place to start.  

Follow along with our Youth Ambassadors to get five tips to snack smarter, healthier, and in a way that supports the healthy habits we create daily.

Press Play for Smart Snacking

Keep Snacking Smarter

Swap Your Snack: Tips and Tools
Schools, communities and families around the country are making the decision to snack healthier. Find tips, tools and stories of inspiration to continue swapping your snack for health.

Drop Liquid Calories
Water is still the best way to stay hydrated for you and your family. And water can be fun. Find easy ways to increase water consumption.

What snacks have you swapped with healthier options?


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