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Brand New Website for Schools

The Alliance’s new and improved Healthy Schools Program website makes healthy change easy to understand, provides real-time progress reports and offers tools and expert advice throughout your journey toward sustainable school health.

With new features and colorful visual cues, assessing your school health practices and creating an Action Plan feels more like playing a game than doing work. And that is the goal – streamline the work you are already doing, provide one place for your entire team to view progress and manage tasks, and complete small steps that support major changes for health.

More than 24,000 schools around the country are using our Healthy Schools Program to assess their environments and create a clear Action Plan to support the health of students and staff.

Is your school one of them? Find your school.

Assess Your School

An Easier Way to Measure What Your Are Doing

The Alliance has replaced its Healthy Schools Program Inventory with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) School Health Index. By offering a unified assessment tool, the CDC and the Alliance make it easier for schools to implement policies and practices that can help students stay healthy and ready to learn. The School Health Index organizes two health topics, nutrition and physical activity, into eight wellness modules that you complete by answering questions describing health practices at your school. As you answer questions, your progress is saved so you can come back and complete sections as time permits in your busy schedule.  Read more about the School Health Index.

With step-by-step instructions and progress updates in the form of colorful charts, the School Health Index accurately assesses your school and helps you create your Action Plan for the year.

Assess Your School

Create an Action Plan

A Virtual To-do List with Real-time Updates

As you work through your School Health Index, health practices that are not yet in place at your school can be added to your Action Plan.

Your Action Plan will outline small achievable steps that will help you maintain momentum as you work toward a healthier school. Each action step is complete with examples of success, implementation strategies and resources to reach your goals. Simply click, learn and take action.

Create an Action Plan

Start or Join Your School’s Team

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