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Inspiring Change from Our Diets to Food Policies

Mark your calendars: Food Day is fast approaching on October 24! Food Day events bring thousands of Americans together to celebrate food and inspire us to change not only the foods we eat, but also the policies around our food and food practices.

Looking for ways for your school or out-of-school time program to join in the celebration? Check out the creative ideas below:

  • Host a taste testing event. Inspire kids to try new foods by letting kids plan and run the event themselves.
  • Visit a local farm or invite a local farmer to come to your school or site. Ask the farmer to speak about the impact they have on the food supply—and allow students to sample the food they grow!
  • Hold a themed meal at school. Highlight your snack or meal programs (and the important role these programs play in feeding kids every day) by hosting a themed meal. Consider “Food around the World” or “Food around the Country” themes to expose kids to different cultural foods. Let kids research what to put on the menu and spotlight a fun fact about each dish.
  • Plan a healthy snack day. Encourage kids to find new recipes and prepare them in class or during programming; then allow everyone to try the different snacks prepared by their peers.
  • Create a food policy poster contest. Ask kids to research food policies that affect them in different ways and then make a poster to showcase their findings.
  • Improve kids’ food literacy. Use class or programming time to teach kids about the world of food that surrounds them and all the various ways their lives are impacted by the food they eat.

Make sure to use this day to inspire the kids around you to make healthy choices and learn about how their food choices affect many other parts of the world. But most importantly, remember to celebrate the delicious variety of foods available to you on October 24 – Food Day!

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