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Celebrating and Cycling with West Side High

Growing up in Jamaica, Queens, New York City was my playground. All I needed was my bike. I was lucky to discover my love of riding at age five and love of BMX as a teenager and since then I put everything I had into becoming the best on two wheels. As an energetic kid, sports gave me an outlet. Sports taught me about discipline and helped me focus in school. Sports also taught me the value of hard work. Becoming the best definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit (and spin with!) students at Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School. West Side High is the winner of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s National Healthy Schools Gold Award for creating an environment for its students that focuses on eating healthier and moving more. Turns out, some students at West Side High begin the day just like I do: on a bike!

I’m excited to celebrate health with these amazing students and share some of my riding tips and motivation. I’m also ready to learn from them—tomorrow will be my first time on a spinning bike.

Get ready to ride, West Side High.

Learn how West Side High achieved success.

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