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Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas from a Nine Year Old

Holidays in our family are all about fun. We play board games, solve brain-teasers, decorate Christmas trees, cook delicious foods and travel together with friends. And even though it’s cold outside, we still get active with sports like skiing and sledding.

Holidays are a way for families to gather and have fun. It would be a bummer if one of our family members was stuck in front of the computer instead of with us. If the whole family does that, how would it feel? Not good, I bet. It’s OK to play some video games or have some screen-time, but it would be much more fun to play sport games and play them together with your family.

Presents can be one of the most exciting parts of the holidays. And making your holiday wish list is always a fun activity. We love to have some power over the gifts we get, but we often choose entertainment that makes us sit in front of a screen. It may be fun, but may not be a very good choice. Instead of asking for a video game, we could ask for a sled and zoom down the hill with our friends. Or a winter coat and go with our friend to the skiing mountain. All these examples say the same thing, video games can be fun, but playing outside in the winter weather is more fun!

Here is my healthy holiday wish list:

Warm Clothes that We Can Play Outside In
During the winter, it’s cold outside so we use that as an excuse to stay indoors and go on a screen. With the right gear, we can still play a lot of the games we usually do with our friends outside.

Large Building Blocks
Even when it’s cold outside, I still love playing inside and building things, especially with blocks. Small blocks are fun, too, but the bigger the blocks, the more you have to move around to build something.

Adventure books
I don’t think reading is all that active, but I still love to do it. And when I read adventure books or sports books, I instantly want to go outside and create an adventure myself. I especially like hockey books.

Toys with Wheels
If I were to get one big gift, I think a bike, skateboard, scooter or rollerblades would be perfect. First, I like seeing how my parents try to wrap them, and then they are a super fun way to move.

Snow Toys
We just want to play. So any toys that will help us do that no matter what season it is, are great. Since it’s winter and snowing a lot of places, I think sleds or skis or other toys we can use in the snow would be a perfect gift.

That’s my list. I hope you like my gift ideas. Have a healthy and happy holiday!

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