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Tips from a PE Teacher: Moving More and Raising Scores

Students have to first show up to be able to learn. At Dallas Environmental Science Academy, student attendance has increased across all grades 6-8 from 2012 – 2014 by 3.8 percent since joining the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program in 2012. Physical education teacher Louis Collins has championed the school’s path to receiving the Alliance’s 2014 National Healthy Schools Silver Award by increasing in-school physical education and creating a student wellness committee to promote opportunities for physical activity outside of the school day.

The results are in: From 2012 – 2014, more students tested in advanced categories in math and reading. In math, the percentage rose from 29.4 to 30.7 across 6-8 graders, and in reading, it jumped from 35.1 to 39.7.

Dallas Environmental Science Academy At a Glance

Population: 360+ students Primary Ethnicity: Hispanic
Grades: 6-8 Title I Percentage: 76%


Louis’s Tips for Moving More and Raising Scores

To replicate Dallas Environmental Science Academy’s success at your school, follow Louis’s tips below:

1. Make it a team effort: Your efforts are bound to be more successful if you involve several staff members and your school’s administration.

2. Make students your allies: Create a student wellness council to promote healthy habits peer-to-peer.

3. Reach out to the community: Invite parents and community members to join your school’s efforts to ensure students continue healthy behaviors at home.

“Our academics have continued to increase. Classroom teachers deliver great instruction, but I know that there is a linear relationship between with what we’re doing with nutrition and physical activity and our academics.” - Louis Collins, Physical Education Teacher, Dallas Environmental Science Academy.

Read Louis’s story. Watch, read, and share many other stories of schools working with the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program.

Commit to Making Your School a Healthier Place

There is a clear relationship between heath and to learn and perform well academically at school. Healthy students are more likely to show up to school on time and they are better able to focus in the classroom and during tests.

We’re part of a movement to build healthy schools and active learners ‒ we hope you’ll join us!

Learn more about the connection between health and academics.

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