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National Nutrition Month: Make a Motto Challenge

As you may have heard, March is National Nutrition Month. And at halfway through the month, we’re in the thick of it! Schools are making great strides with the healthy options they are serving up to students in the cafeteria; out-of-school time sites are getting kids involved in nutrition education; and families around the country are making fruits and veggies staples at mealtime.

The question is, how do we maintain our focus on nutrition come April 1? How do we think health first when we don’t have a national observance to motivate us?

Well, that’s where the challenge comes in. We challenge you to keep it simple and choose one nutritious habit that you have adopted this month, and make a motto to help that habit resonate for the rest of the year. Your motto doesn’t have to be something history book worthy, just a little something catchy you can remember at dinner time or when you wake up in the morning that will spark a healthy motivation for daily nutrition.

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National Nutrition Month Motto Ideas

Find the Freshest for My Family
Many families struggle with not having easy access to fresh produce. Take a moment to identify the best place for you and your family to find fresh produce regularly and make it a go-to stop year round. Try the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farmers Markets Directory.

Drink Water, Feel Better
Today, we are drinking more sugary beverages than ever before. But the good news is that most of these sugary beverages are consumed at home, so we as parents, as caregivers, as big brothers and sisters, can have a direct impact on decreasing the amount of empty calories our families are consuming from sweetened drinks.

Get to Know the Flavors of Health
Getting healthy produce to your family’s table is the first step to eating healthier. Getting your family to actually eat those new fruits and veggies can be just as challenging. Ease healthy options into your old ways of eating. Add a fruit or veggie to your family’s favorite dishes. It’s not hard to incorporate peas, carrots or other vegetables into your favorite pasta sauces or casseroles. Eating healthier doesn’t mean eating food you don’t like but rather finding and eating the healthy foods you do like.

Real Food, not Junk Food
Healthy foods should be the easy snacking options around the house. We may grab for chips or cookies if chips and cookies are there. If fruit is sitting in a bowl on the counter, we may grab for that instead. Make real food easy and convenient so that junk food is not even a temptation.


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